Loan Against Property


Godrej Capital's Loan Against Property (LAP) is designed to support business growth with high loan eligibility, flexible EMIs, longer tenures, and a wide range of acceptable collaterals. This loan provides substantial funding based on property value, making it ideal for significant business investments and expansions.


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Udyog Loan Against Property


Are you an MSME owner looking to scale your business operations? Take your business to new heights with Godrej Capital Udyog Loan Against Property. Our loan solutions enable business owners to get higher loan eligibility by allowing multiple sources of income to be considered.


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Commercial Property Loan


Take your business to the next level with a Commercial Property Loan that finances construction, extension or improvement to make your business goals become reality. With plans designed for your life, you can rest assured that your business empire is in safe hands.


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Balance Transfer


Transfer your existing loans to Godrej Capital and experience the benefits of lower interest rates, flexible repayment terms, and significant EMI savings. Enjoy higher eligibility, along with a top up loan, to take care of your extra needs.


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Home Loan


Seeking a Home Loan to buy a ready-to-move-in property, an under-construction house, or renovate your current residence? Our Home Loan, featuring low interest rates and flexible EMI plans, is specifically designed to help you accomplish buying your dream home.


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Plot Loan


Found the perfect spot to build your future? Our Plot Loans can help make it yours. Our loans offer you the financial help, low interest rates and flexible payment options you need to construct the home of your dreams.


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Professional Loan for Doctors


Whether you need working capital to start your own clinic or upgrade your current practice with new facilities and hire skilled staff, our Professional Loans for doctors are here to help you. Apply today for a collateral free loan today!


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Professional Loan for Doctors


Whether you need working capital to start your own clinic or upgrade your current practice with new facilities and hire skilled staff, our Professional Loans for doctors are here to help you. Apply today for a collateral free loan today!


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Professional Loan for CAs


Godrej Capital's Professional Loan helps CAs in expanding practice, hiring new staff, enhancing equipment, and upgrading services for business growth. Get a loan without collateral and take your career to new heights.


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Business Loan for MSMEs


For MSMEs aiming for growth, Godrej Capital Business Loans for small businesses offer the funds needed to expand their business and manage cash flow. Apply for MSME loan without collateral today!


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Business Loan for Women


Are you a woman entrepreneur? Godrej Capital's Business Loans for women-owned MSMEs help them fuel growth and meet business needs without any collateral. Apply for a small business loan today!


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Business Loan


Empower your business with Godrej Capital's Business Loan, offering flexible financing solutions to help businesses take the next step for growth. Apply for online Business Loan without collateral today!


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Leveraging Financial Assets for Business Growth

Did you Know? If you plan to set up a business that has specified turnover and engages in either service or manufacturing industry, then, your business will be listed as an MSME


Let’s take a minute to understand what an MSME is. 


Expanding the acronym, an MSME is a micro, small, and medium enterprise, that has been classified according to certain predefined parameters. These enterprises or businesses usually engage in the production, manufacturing, processing, or preservation of goods and commodities. 


MSME is an important sector of the Indian economy and has contributed immensely to the country’s socio-economic development. This sector not only supports the country’s GDP but also generates employment, developing the nation’s backward and rural classes. Given its immense contribution to nation-building, this sector is known as the ‘Backbone of the Country’. 


Today, millions of MSMEs in India play a central role in writing the growth story of the country. Your business, too, can be a part of this booming sector. 


Let your search to fund your Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) end here. We shall take you through the various loan options available to you to fund your dream business. 



“Gold loan” or “loan against gold” refers to a secured loan provided by the Lender to a borrower instead of gold jewellery. Based on the gold’s current market worth and quality, the loan amount is a percentage of the gold’s value or as may be decided by the respective Lender. You can retrieve the gold items after paying them back in monthly instalments. A gold loan may not have a particular restrictive end use thus, the capital can be used to fund your new business venture or expand the current one. 

Interest Rates: Ranges from 9.24% - 17% (based on the lender) 

Additional Fee: 3% of the loan amount 

Foreclosure Charges: 2% - 4% (However, most lenders don’t charge any fee) 

Loan Tenure: Flexible duration from a minimum of one month to five years. 



As the name suggests, Mutual Funds (MFs) or share units are pledged as collateral for the loan. Loans taken against such instruments are also called Loan Against Securities. The financial institution holds these units (MFs or shares) as collateral until you have paid your EMIs. While your MFs are still entrusted to your lender as collateral, they will continue to generate returns. 

Interest Rates: Low interest rate (depends on the lender) 

Loan Tenure: Flexible duration (up to 3 years) 


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A borrower can use the funds invested in a Fixed Deposit as security for this loan. The amount of the FD deposit determines the loan’s amount along with such other eligibility criteria set by the Lender. This may equal 90% to 95% of the initial deposit. You have two options for borrowing against your FDs- apply for a loan or request an overdraft from the bank (OD). You can repay the loan through EMIs. This type of loan is quite common.

Interest Rates: 1% - 3% over FD rates 

Loan Tenure: Cannot exceed the FD term time 



A Public Provident Fund or PPF can also be utilized to raise money. PPF accounts allow customers to borrow money against the available amount at a favourable interest rate for personal use. This benefits people who want to apply for short-term loans without offering any property as collateral. One of its benefits is taking out a personal loan against the balance in your PPF account. It comes in handy, primarily if the loan is only being used temporarily. It is also eligible for a tax deduction under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. 

Interest Rates: 1% (in case the loan is paid off before the stipulated 36-month period)

Loan Tenure: 36 months (else ROI of 6% is levied) 



A Loan Against Property is a secure borrowing choice for any person or company. Once you mortgage your home and the bank authorizes the loan amount, you can obtain the loan. Make sure your property title is clear. The loan is repaid in Equated Monthly Instalments (EMI). You can calculate your payable EMI using an EMI calculator.


With Loan against Property higher eligibility, longer repayment terms, and reduced interest rate, Loan Against Property (LAP) is one of the most sought-after loan products. Interest Rates: 9.25% (this may vary from lender to lender).

Loan Tenure: 25 years Conclusion. 


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There are multiple ways to avail of a loan to fund your dream business, however, due diligence is always recommended in matters of finances! We recommend that you be smart with your research and only select a product that fits your requirements perfectly. Also, once you do avail a loan, it is crucial to not waiver from your repayment schedule so that your assets pledged remain secured.


Godrej Capital through its subsidiaries, Godrej Housing Finance and Godrej Finance, offers products such as Home Loans, Loans Against Property, Balance Transfers, and many more. To learn more about our offering, click here.



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