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  1. Can we take a loan against property with agricultural land as collateral in India?
    Yes, you can! If you have agricultural land with a clear property title, you can get a loan against property in the form of a land mortgage loan. Make sure to meet the Loan Against Property Eligibility criteria of the Lender and have a good CIBIL score.


  2. What are the factors to be considered before taking a loan against property?
    Loan Against Property (LAP) has been in high demand due to its secured status and lack of end-use restrictions. A LAP is a loan provided by financial institution, including banks, NBFCs, and HFCs, against existing property. Loan against property offers the joy of enjoying low-interest rates and longer tenure.

    However, here are a few factors to consider before applying for Loan Against Property:


    1. Your Property’s Valuation
      The lending institution’s assessment of your property will determine the loan amount authorized under a Loan against Property. The bank/financial institution will typically check the paperwork to ensure the property has a clear title. It’s preferred that all co-owners of the property also meet the eligibility criteria.


      If all goes according to plan, the loan will be approved for between 50% and 70% of the market value as measured by the Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio. The lender would determine the LTV ratio. Remember that this evaluation will not consider any potential future value addition to the property.


    2. Loan Against Property Interest Rates
      Compared to personal and business loans, which are unsecured, Loan Against Property (LAP) is offered at lower interest rates because it is a secured loan where you pledge property as collateral.


      The interest rate will be lower when the value of loan security provided is higher and the margin amount utilised is lower.


      This lessens the likelihood of the lender incurring significant financial losses in non-repayment. If the bank or lending institution provides overdraft capabilities and credit limitations on your Loan Against Property, your interest payment outflows might be further decreased. In these situations, you only have to pay interest on the amount you remove rather than the entire amount.


      Moreover, the policies of the financial institution you ultimately apply to will determine the loan against property interest rates based on your income, credit history, and other factors. You will also need to decide between floating and fixed interest rates. Therefore, research the financing conditions and interest rates provided by various financial organizations.


    3. Loan Tenure
      When considering a loan against property, make sure to take the length of the loan into account. Lending institutions typically give loans ranging from 5 to 25 years. If it’s repaid by the time you reach retirement age, the period may be increased to 30 years. Therefore, if you are a paid individual in your 30s searching for a LAP, you can be given a loan with a 20-year term presuming you will retire by 60. However, you will need to balance the length of the loan and your EMI payments.


  3. What is better in terms of interest for purchasing a shop - loan against my current home or commercial property loan?
    Although the interest rate on loan secured by your home will likely be cheaper, how much risk the bank/financial institution takes affects the interest rate. If you use your property as collateral, they will offer you a more affordable interest rate because there is less risk involved. But because the overall risk of a new company venture is the same as the bank’s, you are taking on more of it.


  4. Which NBFCs or banks give loans against empty land?
    You can accomplish your dream of expanding your business by mortgaging your home or business. You will receive a loan against property to meet your financial needs in exchange from reputable banks and non-banking financial institutions (NBFCs).


    The top NBFCs that provide loans against property at attractive interest rates are listed below.


    • Godrej Capital
    • TATA Capital
    • Piramal Capital
    • Bajaj Finserv


  5. Where can I get a loan on my property with low interest and maximum security?

    Loan against property with low-interest rates, and maximum security is available at all leading financial institutions. The interest rate depends on your loan tenure, CIBIL score, age group and repayment capacity.


  6. I wish to apply for a mortgage loan against property. But the problem is the property is based in a rural area. I run a small trading business. I have had ITRs for the last 3 years. Will my loan get approved?
    Your loan will get approved if you have a clear property deed, good CIBIL score, repayment capacity, etc. However, your loan amount will depend on your property’s valuation and appraisal. After evaluating your property and loan against property documents, the lender will decide the amount based on the existing valuation.


  7. I want a loan against property for my new business and I have ITR of my savings. How is it possible?
    You can apply for a loan against property with ITR and high savings with a steady source of income. Every owner of a savings bank account is given a relationship manager. They can help you with the loan application process and put you in touch with the right person.


  8. How can I check about the eligibility criteria for MSME loans? I already have an existing loan against property. Does it affect my eligibility?
    This situation has two sides to it. You may apply for two personal loans at once. Before approving loan applications, loan providers consider several criteria, including your current income and outstanding debt. You must fulfill the second loan’s eligibility standards, which are the same as those for the first loan


    However, sometimes, a lender may not approve two loans simultaneously. It is not advisable to submit applications for many unsecured loans at once. This is especially true if you are qualified for another personal loan from a different lender. Lenders may view you as a high-risk applicant if you pay back loans with more than half of your paycheck. This will also affect your EMI repayment every month. So, make sure you have a conversation with the relationship manager and bank authorities before making a decision.


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